Are you hijacked by emotions? Why we go slowly with TRE.

When we first learn TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) we are often living a life that is full of strong emotions we can't control. Are you hijacked by emotions?TRE is a body based technique that helps us unwind and let go of deep patterns of tension.  To begin with it is often a revelation. Am I … Continue reading Are you hijacked by emotions? Why we go slowly with TRE.

The Hidden Cost of Birth Trauma

What is the hidden cost of birth trauma? Many women experience frightening and life-threatening experiences giving birth often coupled with a lack of emotional support or any dignity. As one traumatised client told me “No one prepared me that childbirth could be a ‘proper’ trauma”. Let’s face it – who has the time to prepare … Continue reading The Hidden Cost of Birth Trauma

Post Traumatic Stress after childbirth

Three of the key symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress after Childbirth Re-experiencing the event Physical sensations - pain, nausea, sweating Nightmares Flashbacks - involuntarily and vividly re-living what happened during the birth Repetitive and upsetting images or sensations Constant negative thoughts, self questioning, guilt and shame 'why didn't I take more control?' "My body has … Continue reading Post Traumatic Stress after childbirth

Can you recover from birth trauma?

Unfortunately women who suffer birth trauma often find themselves isolated from a helpful support network. They may feel very distant from other new mothers who have had a different or  perhaps appear to have had easier birth stories. Sometimes birth trauma recovery and letting go of what happened can feel impossible. Many women feel like … Continue reading Can you recover from birth trauma?

What is Birth Trauma?

Anyone can experience Birth Trauma and may develop PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) symptoms. Many women will endure the threat of serious injury or death to themselves or their baby during childbirth and PTS symptoms are a very normal response to what has happened. Most of us only associate PTS with soldiers but these responses can … Continue reading What is Birth Trauma?

Birth Trauma

"there is now no doubt that some women develop post-traumatic stress reactions in response to childbirth-related trauma. This is a normal reaction to an extremely horrific event and consists of upsetting and intrusive memories, thoughts and dreams accompanied by attempts at emotional and behavioural avoidance from reminders"  The Royal College of Midwives    What is Childbirth … Continue reading Birth Trauma

Psychological Reversal

Psychological Reversal presents a total obstacle to healing an issue or behaviour. If you are caught in a loop of negative behaviour, addressing Psychological Reversal may help you. The good news is that with some patience and commitment between both client and practitioner this can be achieved. Not all of us exhibit psychological reversal but if … Continue reading Psychological Reversal

Energy Checking – do you have a systemic disturbance?

What is Energy Checking? Think of trying to tune in TV or radio to a specific station, but the antenna can’t pick up the signal and all you get it white noise. In Energy Psychology we use energy checking techniques to 'tune' your system so that you return to harmony, and connect fully to life. … Continue reading Energy Checking – do you have a systemic disturbance?

Muscle Testing – portal to the unconscious

What we think and feel are only a small part of our total self- awareness and wisdom.  The unconscious mind is readily accessible through the body and often the best and only indicator of what is really going on for us. Muscle testing is a collaboration between the tester and the subject to get a sense … Continue reading Muscle Testing – portal to the unconscious

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The Chakras

The Chakras are major energy centres of the body and a deeper energy system that often hold deeply held, historic patterns.  The major Chakras are seven energy centres which align with the spine. The word Chakra means vortex, disc or wheel and they are vortices or pools of energy that spin clockwise and counter clockwise, at … Continue reading The Chakras

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