Kate Munden

Trauma and Embodiment Specialist

Providing support following traumatic events, CPTSD and covert psychological abuse

Abuse Recovery

As a survivor of C-PTSD, I am committed to helping others find useful and effective pathways to trauma recovery.

Are you worried you might be in an abusive relationship? Perhaps you have left the relationship, or you are experiencing an extremely
shocking and difficult divorce. You may feel drained, confused and isolated. Download 5 Key signs of Emotional Abuse.
Helping You Achieve Recovery

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

I work with clients who are struggling with anxiety, trauma and the associated symptoms following traumatic events. This includes emotional and psychological abuse, particularly narcissistic abuse. 

Effectively Manage Anxiety

Recognise Narcissistic Abuse

Recover From Trauma

Learn proven, effective self-care techniques


Trauma Release Exercises are simple and easy to learn and the process of physical and psychological transformation they bring about is often astonishing and life changing.

EFT (Tapping)

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (commonly known as tapping) is a simple, gentle process which has shown itself to be incredibly effective for the past 30 years.

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology (EP) is a remarkable discovery that blends ancient and modern concepts for health and well-being.

Covert Emotional Abuse

The effects of covert abuse can devastate the sense of self, our physical well-being and often result in depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms.    

What Is Emotional Abuse?
Who is Recovery For?

For many, the first, and challenging step, is to acknowledge that something is wrong.

Often the word ‘abuse’ is too shameful to admit, or is something that only happens to ‘other people’.
It is a common misconception that ‘weak’ people are targeted for abuse. It is often the reverse and nothing to do with the weakness of character, lack of intelligence or spirit.

About Me

My way of working is psychodynamic in nature and I work with emotions, thoughts and the body. This helps us find a deeper understanding of ourselves, including the aspects or hidden parts that we are not always conscious of.

As a survivor of CPTSD and emotional abuse, I understand how important it is to feel safe. From safety, we can move on to find peace. I hope to guide all my clients to find new ways to move on with the physical and emotional release.


At the end of my first appointment with Kate, my body released quite a build-up of trauma and the most noticeable part for me was that I felt I could breathe normally again, and still can a few months later. My body felt very rested afterwards and this enabled me to have a good night’s sleep, my body felt as if something huge had been lifted away from me.”

To be honest, when Kate asked me what I hoped to get out of our sessions together, I felt sceptical that I would achieve my aim of feeling more positive about the difficulties I had encountered. However after just one session I started to feel better, and by the penultimate session I felt like I had completely resolved my issue..”

Absolutely fantastic session with Kate this evening! It was my first TRE session and I really didn’t know what to expect. I actually had a really strong response and was initially quite startled at the way my body was reacting when I first started shaking but Kate was extremely reassuring and calm and made me feel really safe! I am now bouncing off the walls with energy and my body feels amazing!

Find Your Strength. Set Yourself Free. Be Empowered.  Be Yourself Again.

If you are unable to express your true feelings or have to constantly change your behaviour to please someone it is likely you are experiencing emotional abuse.

If you are exhausted, confused and miserable trying to make someone happy, who, no matter what you do, is never happy or there are only brief glimpses of kindness before the ‘joke’ name-calling or isolation returns, it is likely you are experiencing emotional abuse.

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