Kate is a qualified TRE Mentor, Advanced Accredited EFT, Communications Director AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Techniques) and member of ACEP (Association of Energy Psychology).

Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

I can help…

My name is Kate and I specialise in working with anxiety, self confidence, emotional abuse, anger issues, chronic pain, trauma and specifically birth trauma and the associated complex issues that can arise from a difficult birth experience.  You can learn self-help techniques with me to empower you and make life feel great again.

A new approach to stress. Its always been there…you just haven’t used it yet

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, anxious or stressed by everyday events? You may not realise it but you have the ability to change the way you react to stress, and even trauma, using inbuilt techniques every animal on the planet uses to survive. We often see animals...

What do mums say to themselves about childbirth?

    Childbirth can be confusing these days. We live in a society, dominated by social media, where we all compare ourselves to unreasonable standards. Its almost impossible not judge ourselves or to try and emulate somebody else's glamorous seeming life...

When your dreams of a natural birth are shattered.

The stories we hear about childbirth, either from family, friends and the media effect how we view giving birth. There are so many conflicting thoughts and ideas, sometimes it hard to know what the ‘real’ truth is. What is birth really going to be like? What is the...

Are you hijacked by emotions? Why we go slowly with TRE.

When we first learn TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) we are often living a life that is full of strong emotions we can't control. Are you hijacked by emotions?TRE is a body based technique that helps us unwind and let go of deep patterns of tension.  To begin with...

How to stop smoking with PTT

STOP SMOKING WITH PICTURE TAPPING TECHNIQUE                   Everyone wants to fit it, to be accepted, to be part of the tribe. It’s one of the most natural human instincts. I started smoking when I was sixteen in an...

TRE in a Tipi!

Providing TRE Workshops at a festival This May I was delighted to connect with the organisers of The Wildheart Gathering and persuade them to introduce TRE into their workshop schedule.  It’s been a long held dream of mine to work as a therapist at festivals – and...

Panic Attacks

5 Minute Panic Release 7 out of every 1000 people suffer from panic attacks, and generalised anxiety effects over 16% of the population. The symptoms can be varied, frightening and extremely distressing to those who suffer from these debilitating events. Using EFT and...

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for how much you’ve helped me. I’d never have dreamt that the trauma of my daughter’s birth would lead me to you, and therefore, enabling me to live my most grateful and joyful life.”

V Lang, Surrey

Absolutely fantastic session with Kate this evening!

It was my first TRE session and I really didn’t know what to expect. I actually had a really strong response and was initially quite startled at the way my body was reacting when I first started shaking but Kate was extremely reassuring and calm and made me feel really safe!

I am now bouncing off the walls with energy and my body feels amazing!

S Murray-Thompson


I am dedicated to bringing effective trauma solutions to the vulnerable in society.

My approach includes, classic Psychology, Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Advanced, Accredited Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) and other integrative therapy tools. With this work I also combine my experience as an Advanced TRE® Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Provider & Mentor.  

Additional therapy skills include Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy (accredited by the ABNLP), Master Hypnotist, Coherence Therapy, New Medicine, Picture Tapping Technique (PTT)  (a form of Art Therapy and EFT) and I have been a Reflexologist and Holistic Masseur for over 30  years. 

I am available for individual sessions and group work at my practices in South East London and my home practice in Cranbrook, Kent. 

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As well as one-to-one therapy I also run regular Energy Psychology, EFT (tapping) and TRE workshops in London, Kent and Sussex

Come and meet me I often speak about Tapping into Self Acceptance – Finding the Gifts in Your Shadow plus much more..

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News & Updates

A link between birth trauma and Post Natal Depression PND?

A new study by the University of Kent into the causes of Post Natal Depression has found that women who experience birth complications are 174% more likely to suffer from PND. Women who have a traumatic birth are 174% more likely to experience PND Approximately 50% of...

Chakra Clearing for Self Care

How to clear congested energy from the 7 Main Chakras We can use Chakra energy to help us. For self practice "Breathing the Chakras" is a simple and easy to learn technique to clear stagnant or painful memories. Like respiration, think of each Chakra as an accordion...

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