Kate Munden

Kate Munden:

My belief is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for any client.  I work integratively which means that I am not bound to one theoretical tradition.  I can tailor my approach, calling on diverse therapy skills and experience to help clients with their specific needs.  My way of working is psychodynamic in nature and I work with emotions, thoughts and the body. This helps us find a deeper understanding of ourselves, including the aspects or hidden parts that we are not always conscious of.

I will always meet you where you are and work with you from there.

Your safety and confidentiality are a major priority for me. I take great care to hold all clients in a safe place regardless of what issues surface and my approach is very sensitive, yet thorough.

As a survivor of CPTSD and emotional abuse, I understand how important it is to feel safe. It is only from a place of safety, that we can move on to find peace.  I hope to guide all my clients to find new ways to move on with their physical and emotional release

Whilst I work with any problem state, I specialise in working with the sensitive areas of recovery from emotional abuse (particularly covert narcissistic abuse), anxiety, self-confidence, chronic pain and trauma.  

I also have extensive experience helping many clients with divorce, relationship breakdown and setting new boundaries.  Life can be complicated and difficult sometimes and when these issues show up a sensitive guiding hand can transform our experience.

Having served as an Executive Director for EFTi, a member of ACEP (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology) I am privileged to be the current Chair of TRE® (Trauma Release) Association UK. We are dedicated to bringing effective trauma solutions to the vulnerable in society.

My approach includes classic Psychology, Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Advanced, Emotional Freedom Techniques and other integrative energy psychology tools such as Heart Assisted Therapy. With this work, I also combine my experience as a Global Certification Trainer and Advanced TRE® Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Provider & Embodiment Specialist.

I am available for individual sessions and group work at my practice London Harley Street and my home clinic in Kent. 

I also offer EFT & TRE Training Courses, and Mentoring to students.

I am available to speak at events and run regular Workshops in London, Kent & Sussex.

Kate Munden