Intermittent reinforcement: Addiction to the Bread Crumbs of Love

Flowers after the silent treatment. Extravagant gifts after weeks of brutal insults. Crocodile tears after a rage attack. Sudden affection and intimacy after hours of fighting and critical remarks. All these examples highlight an abuse tactic known as intermittent reinforcement … Read the rest

Unhappy in your marriage… but not sure why?

Covert abuse can be difficult to detect

Are you quietly miserable and exhausted in your relationship/marriage?

Do you never feel that you are ‘good enough’ or that you can never measure up to the expectations of your partner. Maybe you are never really thin, clever or funny … Read the rest

More than just stretching….

tre tremors pandiculation

How you can discover the health benefits of full body pandiculation

Eight years ago when I was first introduced to TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) I was immediately hooked.

Feeling the tremors flowing through my body I knew instinctively that this … Read the rest

A new approach to stress. Its always been there…you just haven’t used it yet

TRE Tremors

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, anxious or stressed by everyday events?

You may not realise it but you have the ability to change the way you react to stress, and even trauma, using inbuilt techniques every animal on the … Read the rest