EFT & Finding your light (Part 1)

Releasing stress and feeling whole again Kate Munden, EFT and TRE in Kent and sussex

In my experience, self-acceptance is one of the most powerful and liberating gifts we can give ourselves. With the overwhelming pressure of modern life increasing, more than ever, we need to find our light. We need enduring strength to help us be resilient and feel empowered. It is my belief that we all deserve to … Continue reading EFT & Finding your light (Part 1)

A new approach to stress. Its always been there…you just haven’t used it yet

TRE Tremors

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, anxious or stressed by everyday events? You may not realise it but you have the ability to change the way you react to stress, and even trauma, using inbuilt techniques every animal on the planet uses to survive. We often see animals shaking when they are scared. They do this … Continue reading A new approach to stress. Its always been there…you just haven’t used it yet

PTT – Picture Tapping Technique

Picture Tapping is a combination of EFT and Art Therapy. Through the power of metaphor it often it reaches the parts that other interventions struggle to find

Are you hijacked by emotions? Why we go slowly with TRE.

When we first learn TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) we are often living a life that is full of strong emotions we can't control. Are you hijacked by emotions?TRE is a body based technique that helps us unwind and let go of deep patterns of tension.  To begin with it is often a revelation. Am I … Continue reading Are you hijacked by emotions? Why we go slowly with TRE.

How to stop smoking with PTT

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STOP SMOKING WITH PICTURE TAPPING TECHNIQUE Everyone wants to fit in, to be accepted, to be part of the tribe. It’s one of the most natural human instincts. I started smoking when I was sixteen in an attempt to be one of the cool girls. I wanted to appear sophisticated and adult and to join … Continue reading How to stop smoking with PTT

TRE in a Tipi!

Providing TRE Workshops at a festival This May I was delighted to connect with the organisers of The Wildheart Gathering and persuade them to introduce TRE into their workshop schedule.  It’s been a long held dream of mine to work as a therapist at festivals – and also a great way to holiday as a … Continue reading TRE in a Tipi!

Panic Attacks

5 Minute Panic Release 7 out of every 1000 people suffer from panic attacks, and generalised anxiety effects over 16% of the population. The symptoms can be varied, frightening and extremely distressing to those who suffer from these debilitating events. Using EFT and Hypnosis I have known my clients regularly experience Panic Attacks which can … Continue reading Panic Attacks