Kate Munden

You can contact me at info@katemunden.com

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I am available for appointments at The Sunflower Centre in Brockley, South East London and from my home practice in Cranbrook, Kent TN17.

I also work with many clients online, and offer sessions at evenings and weekends via Zoom.   

A recent testimonial:

I adore Kate’s warmth and emotional support. Her ability to keep me focused and cut through my mess of emotions is so helpful and reassures me that she is focused on me, and my needs. I came to work with Kate to aid my recovery from an IBD flare.  Kate has helped align my body and mind following an emotional roller-coaster of sorts.

I am now able to better understand where my emotions are triggered and, with that realisation, calm my mind. This in turn helps me physically to be more centred and relaxed.

I have tried all sorts of things from osteopathic treatment, massage, counselling and Pilates. The energetic healing with Kate coupled with Pilates has helped me rebuild and continues to strengthen my physical and mental health”   F. Whitshead