Guidance for Crown Chakra “Sahasara”

Location: Crown at top of head “The Thousand Petal Lotus Flower”

Sound: OM    Colour: Golden Light/Purple  Connects: The Divine Masculine

Governs: Upper skull, Cerebral Cortex, Skin, Pituitary Gland, Pineal and your bio rhythms

Crown Chakra governs your spiritual connection to a higher truth. It helps you to feel and know deeply that you are connected to other dimensions.

From here you can reach beyond your physical manifestation and fulfil your life purpose.

Common Issues: Apathy, pollutants, clinging to the material & exhaustion. Often attachment issues, resistance to spiritual possibilities or lack of fulfilment are caught here when this Chakra is out of balance.  For attachment pain, it is often a triad between crown, heart and root Chakras that needs to be treated.

Advice to Support Crown Chakra

Welcome the Sacred masculine through Crown Chakra and feel clarity in thought and purpose. Know that your personal intentions and desires are aligned with cosmic will. From here you will radiate creative drive.

Focus on Crown Chakra and breathe in the golden light and feel the oneness with all of creation. Notice your expanded awareness beyond causality, space and time.

This is where you are the observer, the process of seeing and the scene. Where the beloved, loving and the lover become one.

Breathe in the golden light of Crown Chakra and become aware of your purpose within the infinite silence.