Panic Attacks – The Key to Freedom in 5 Minutes?

7 out of every 1000 people suffer from panic attacks, and generalised anxiety effects over 16% of the population. The symptoms can be varied, frightening and extremely distressing to those who suffer from these debilitating events.

I have worked successfully with many clients who have regularly experienced panic attacks which can induce sweating, shortness of breath, choking, trembling, palpitations, chest pain, shaking, tears and a sudden and overwhelming sense of mortal dread.

With gentle and steady use of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques many clients have released their anxiety to be able to minimise and let go of panic attacks and live a life liberated from these terrifying events.

However one phenomenal experience stands out for me which I would like to share to give all anxiety sufferers hope that there is a truly effective way to find peace from panic attacks.

Panic at Holborn

A few years ago when attending a conference in Holborn, central London, I decided to pop to the bathroom before my event started. The morning event was starting at 9.30am at 9.20am I went to find a Ladies.  As I stepped through the door a woman walked in behind me in the middle of a tremendous panic attack. She was trembling, crying, sweating, unable to breath properly, deeply distressed and clearly in need of urgent help.

This woman was a complete stranger, however it seemed crucial that she got some immediate help, so I decided to practice some ‘emergency EFT’.

When a client is ‘in’ the panic state this is often the best time to work with them as the effects can be immediate  – and I strongly believe that anyone who has panic attacks should, know about EFT and have it as a tool to help, because you can use it yourself, anytime, anywhere.

Initially smiled and made eye contact and starting talking in a calm voice, directing her to breathe, telling her she was safe and started tapping on my own collarbone point. We stayed like this for a while then I reached forward and said “If its okay with you I’m going to touch your hand now, these are acupuncture points that will calm you” and started to tap on her hand and gently moved through the other EFT points.

I instructed her to breathe and stay looking at me, keeping up the mantra that she was safe and to let what was happening to flow through and allow her body to release these sensations. We kept eye contact, kept tapping and I continued to assure her that she was safe and to stay with me, to feel her body, my hand, and her breath.

As we remained like this I could feel the energy releasing and reducing and her system began to calm, her breathing deepened and the shaking reduced. Then suddenly she held her hand out in front of her, saw that she was no long shaking and said simply, “It’s gone” and she was completely ‘back in the room’ and very calm.

I kept tapping and asked her what happened and she explained that it was crowd fear and that it had happened to her once before in Barcelona and the busy Holborn crowds had triggered that memory and frightened her again. The crowds outside the hotel at Holborn had been frantic and very busy, I could understand why it had triggered her.

We then hugged, used the bathroom and went our separate ways.

As I sat back down next to my colleagues and looked at my watch, it was only 9.30! In less than 10 minutes EFT had bought about and extreme release and safe transformation with a stranger! The wonder and magic of this simple, gentle work with body energies never fails to amaze me. The speed of her response and the energetic flow from her body was truly wonderful to experience.

If you are plagued by panic attacks, learn EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques today and be transformed. It could be your key to freedom.  You can use it anywhere, any time – even with a stranger in the Ladies Bathroom!