Psychological Reversal presents a total obstacle to healing an issue or behaviour. If you are caught in a loop of negative behaviour, addressing Psychological Reversal may help you. The good news is that with some patience and commitment between both client and practitioner this can be achieved.

Not all of us are exhibit psychological reversal but if there is a pervasive pattern of self-sabotage and clients consistently fail to achieve a consciously intended goal it is likely they will be reversed in some way. Every effort made to change a certain situation ends with the opposite result.

A classic example of this would be the quickly forgotten but passionate New Year Resolution abandoned a few days later as the established behaviour comes rushing back.

Clients will conduct behaviours opposite to what they want to achieve, chronic illness, addictions, self-harming behaviour and be attracted to reversed morality. They will often find themselves to be ‘anti life’ in some way – smoking, overeating, living dangerously, drug taking, chronic pain, depression etc.

If the reversal is not caused by toxins then it is likely to be an, often deeply unconscious, internal objection to resolving a problem.

In Energy Psychology we muscle test to find if there are any reversals (inner conflicts) to be explored and corrected. The results of this are often deeply revealing and surprising to the client.

Clients who are deeply reversed, will come back with problem after problem, overall they struggle to get better – or their issues seem to be resolved and then they are back discussing them again. With deep reversals ordinary corrections don’t, in my experience, solve the problem.

It is vital to follow the reversal to its origins and get to core childhood experiences or beliefs. If you follow the reversal, and make that the subject of the work, you will get to the core issues and clear a healing path.

Often these are prime concerns such as ‘It’s not safe to be over this problem’, or issues around deserving or identity or very commonly “I’m too angry to heal” “I want to express my suffering through my symptoms”.

Muscle testing may reveal wishes to be ill or not alive, and in exploring this you may, for example find childhood rewards for being ill – for example “my mother was nicer to me when I was ill”, “it was the only time my mother spent time with me etc”. There will often be a background of traumas and rejections of ‘life energy’ that tries to reach out and connect and is rebuffed.

It often has a lot to do with shame which is connected to the chin point (the conception vessel in meridian work), which comes up a great deal with deeply reversed people. The conception vessel represents our origins, something going wrong when the infant is trying to connect with mother.  If this happens what can result is empty chasms within the client and a hunger for energy which can lead to addictive urges and negative states.

Working to address these empty chasms of energy and acknowledge and integrate these primal moments can often address deep reversals and lead to freedom and healing.

For more in depth information about PR and the science of Energy Psychology take a look at  the online course my colleagues at ACEP have lovingly created.