EFT Tapping College

Your pathway to become an Accredited EFT Practitioner

  • Do you feel called to learn how to effectively use Emotional Freedom Techniques with confidence and skill?
  • Are you a healthcare professional, teacher or therapist looking to add EFT Tapping to your professional toolbox?
  • Or perhaps you have experienced EFT and want to take a deeper dive into EFT for self-care or to help friends and family?
  • Have you learned EFT tapping elsewhere (or from YouTube) and sense there is so much more to learn (there is!)
  • Would like to step into using tapping to a higher standard or with a new perspective?
  • Is now the time for you to step into deep inner transformation in a safe, contained space?


If you Google EFT you will find more than 300 million entries. If you Google EFT Tapping Training you will find 16 million entries.

Who should you train with? With EFT International standard EFT Training and Accreditation you will join a community of passionate and experienced professionals standing on the shoulders of the founding principles of true emotional freedom for all.

Like any therapy or healing modality it is important that practitioners are trained ethically and professionally with the backing of core industry standards. All EFT International Trainers are supported by these high standards.

EFT Tapping with a client
Self Acceptance
  • This 8 week foundational skills course will provide you with the necessary skills and practice time to integrate EFT Tapping into your life.
  • No previous experience of EFT is required.
  • The online course requirement is weekly self and peer practice and study in-between classes.
  • There will be an optional WhatsApp Group for the class and all sessions will be recorded to be shared within the group only.
  • Upon completion and pathway to EFT International Accreditation and Certification is available.


More Details – L1 & L2 Foundational Skills Training, Online

Teaching EFT Online? Does it work?

As a community of passionate Trainers, when the pandemic hit us all in 2020, like many other therapy modalities we were concerned about the efficacy of delivering a full training in this way.

One delightful thing to arise, is how safe, effective and nourishing teaching this way can be.

By delivering the programme as a gentle ‘drip feed’ of information each week we have found that students (and us as Trainers!) are loving this approach.

There is more time to integrate and practice each skill as it is taught and a greater sense of community and connection is created between the training groups.

Each class includes time for breaks, discussion, questions and hands on practice using Zoom breakout rooms.

Another benefit of this new teaching format also gives me more flexibility. With each new group I have the  opportunity to make tailored choices and creative use of the 8 weeks that we have together that a more condensed 3 day training would not.

Core EFT L1 & 2 Training Curriculum

  • Tapping basic protocols, EFT history and an overview of the (ever-growing) science that supports EFT
  • How to talk about/describe EFT tapping
  • How to begin helping someone easily (e.g. using the basics, discerning Aspects, following the trail)
  • Testing your work and measuring progress in the moment
  • An organic approach to the ‘how and when’ of skilful questioning
  • Gentle approach with EFT and why it is important
  • Calming & Containing – handling excessive emotional intensity
  • Introduction to trauma, including the full Movie/Tell the Story Technique for Specific Past Events
  • How to handle Core Issues and find lasting resolution with EFT
  • Introduction to the concepts of Borrowing Benefits
  • How to meet your client’s emotional landscape and scope of practice
  • How to address the emotional contributors to illness or pain (i.e. how tapping can be a complementary modality)
  • How to integrate foundational EFT skills into your self-care routines and also with working with your loved ones and clients.

Investment/Early Bird 

Investment £497 (£550)

Repeat Students £397

contact me at:


Online Class Schedule

Next Combined Level 1 & Level 2 online EFT training dates and schedule:

Pre-course preparation materials will be provided several weeks before class.


‘Get to know you’  get together Monday 3 Jan 2022, 7-8pm UK, 2pm EST, 11am PST

As many students will be meeting me and each other for the first time online, this free class get together is offered to help us connect and introduce each other.

Class 1: Tuesday 4 Jan

5-8pm UK,

12pm EST, 9am PST

Welcome and Introduction History and Science

What is EFT? How to describe EFT, Core Tapping Basics, the “Zzzzt”, Measuring and Testing, Constricted Breathing

Class 2: Tuesday 11 Jan

Aspects: The Key to Successful EFT, Tapping Globally vs. the Importance of Getting Specific

Fictional Scene

Using the Client’s Own Words

Practice and Discussion

Class 3: Tuesday 18 Jan

Cravings, Aches and Pains, Emotional Contributors to Physical Issues,
Effective questioning

Practice and Discussion


Class 4: Tuesday 25 Jan

Introduction to Working with Trauma,

Closing a Session safely, expanded Gentle Techniques

Practice and Discussion 



Class 5: Tuesday 1 Feb

Review of working with the Trauma Experience,

Specific Past Events and Movie/Tell the Story Technique

Practice and Discussion

Class 6: Tuesday 8 Feb

“The Writing on your Wall” Introduction to Core Issues Exploring Psychological Reversals 

Practice and Discussion

Class 7: Tuesday 15 Feb

Testing your work and ‘tail enders’. Calibration – what to look for. Spotting/containing dissociation & abreactions. Safety & Limitations of practice.

What is intuition? Finding it/using it. 

Class 8: Tuesday 1 March

Putting it all together

The Personal Peace Procedure

Surrogate Tapping

Working with  children and animals  


Follow-up Webinar (Tuesday 15 March 2022 )

Review and Follow up questions/reflections, Next Steps

The course includes additional reading, videos and recordings as well as weekly access to supporting materials. This course meets and exceeds EFT International standards for EFT tapping education. EFT International is the world’s original and largest professional, global and non-profit EFT association.

Online Training FAQs

What if I miss a class?

I strongly recommend you attend every class, particularly if you are considering certification. However, sometimes life gets in the way. If you cannot make it to a class, you can try to keep up by listening to/watching the recording and also practicing during the week with one of your practice buddies. Due to privacy concerns, live demonstrations from the class may not be included in the recording. You can also attend a make-up class (at additional cost, see below).

Note for Certification-candidates: If you’re planning to pursue certification at any point and you miss a class, not only will you need to watch the recording and complete the practice session for that class on your own time, you will be required to complete additional mentoring and/or a make-up class (at additional cost). Please write info@katemunden.com to discuss your options.

How can I practice in-between classes?

During each class you’ll practice the tapping skills with a few other students (and an experienced practitioner, including me at times) in individual ‘breakout’ rooms on Zoom.

In between classes, you’ll have the option of connecting with your online practice buddies to continue practicing the skills you’ve learned (Just as you would at an in-person training). You can also practice by working with yourself or with friends/family members. Extra practice during the week is optional, but highly recommended. Over many years, we know that the best EFT practitioners are those who have many hours of EFT under their belts.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made with over 28 days notice will receive a full refund.
Cancellations made 14 – 28 days prior to a training will receive a 50% refund.
Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to a training will not receive a refund. If you wish to transfer your booking to a future course this will be subject to a £25 administration fee.

Once you complete an EFT Level 1 and EFT Level 2 combined you can pursue a path to Accredited EFT Certification with EFT International. Certification packages are available at an additional fee.