I run regular Energy Psychology, EFT (tapping) and TRE workshops in London, Kent and Sussex.

My next Workshop Day is a collaboration with my colleague Kimberly June from the US and is titled ‘Coming Home to Self‘ . We will meet on Saturday 15 June in Seddlescombe, East Sussex.

This introductory day brings Soul Tapping TM to the UK. Soul Tapping is a combination of cutting edge Energy Psychology techniques, Eye Movement Desensitisation (EMDR) and Sacred Geometry. This is the first time Soul Tapping has been bought to the UK and we will be combining it with TRE to help clients bring about deep and lasting change to old negative patterns such as unresolved trauma, addictions or limiting beliefs about life.

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Want to have a chat in person? Come and meet me at The Kent Wellness Festival on 13 July. I will be presenting on Trauma and TRE. I’d love to meet you!

TRE Tremors Trauma Release stimulates the nerve endings, Kate Munden
TRE is a nervous system response

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