Guidance for Heart Chakra “Anahata”

Location: At the dip in the sternum “The Place of Openness”

Sound: Yam                       Colour: Green                        Element: Air

Governs: Heart, chest, lungs & circulation

Physical issues: Heart dis-ease, high blood pressure, cancer

This Chakra is known as ‘the place of openness’ and is connected to our sense of touch and our ability to give and receive unconditional love. This Chakra is the mid point between the three lower Chakras that represent the tangible, physical world and the three higher Chakras that represent the mental and spiritual world.

To know love, to be loved, to remember and feel love in all aspects of our lives. When this Chakra is open and clear we can release isolation and fear from our hearts.

Advice to support Heart Chakra

If unbalanced this Chakra will express as self doubt, suspicion, difficult relationships and emotional struggles. This is the seat of our emotional consciousness, where we can find love, harmony, spontaneity and laughter. When open this Chakra will bring us unity, warmth and compassion. Its is where we learn to let go of fear and forgive ourselves and others.

Meditation for Heart Chakra

“I expand into compassion, self acceptance and forgiveness”