Find Your Pathway to Recovery

If you are reading this you have probably experienced (or are in the middle of) a toxic relationship.

The effects can be devastating to both the mind and body. You may be confused, exhausted, ashamed or devastated. Or all of those things.

As a fellow survivor of emotional abuse, I invite you to connect in this safe space.

The recovery centre is a place where you will be supported and above all believed. You are not crazy, you did not imagine it and their behaviour is not your fault.

This is a place where you can:

  • Connect with others who really understand
  • Learn about narcissistic abuse
  • Understand the effects this has had on you
  • Learn self-care tools to feel strong
  • Start to
  • Manage challenging Narcissists in your life
  • Create new and empowered relationships
  • Feel safe and trust new people

I am committed to helping others find effective relief from the devastating effects of emotional abuse.

Know that you are not alone and consider that it is possible to find joy again.

Ways to repair & rebuild

EFT & Energy Psychology

Energy psychology is a proven mind-body approach to improve how we function. By working with the whole body-mind system, we can bring about rapid positive change and optimal psychotherapeutic outcomes.  It focuses on the relationship between our mental process, bio-energy systems, neuro and smooth physiological operation.

EP is aligned with the latest findings from neuroscience and traumatology.

Trauma Release Exercises

TRE or ‘shaking meditation’ is part of a new wave of embodied healing, self care and deep inner wisdom.  TRE is a simple process which helps us move out of old contracted patterns in the body and evoke our natural, internal recovery mechanisms. No story, no talking required, no drama.

Every human organism is designed to have a soft, moving, fully feeling body that it feels pleasurable to inhabit. TRE is a way to find that again.

Emotional Abuse Education

As part of your recovery journey, understanding the common strategies of the manipulative abuse you have endured is important. Often that education is a huge relief “Oh I finally see what was happening, there was nothing I could do other than walk away/maintain boundaries” is an empowered place to stand.

The recovery journey often begins here. Following the despair of discard or the ‘final straw’ some education is often the next step.

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EFT for self care - free guide image

“I went to see Kate to get some help to understand why I was experiencing some unhelpful and negative feelings and to explore a particularly difficult part of my past that has been haunting me for some years.

This was not an easy thing to do but Kate helped me to feel immediately at ease and I was really pleased at how quickly we started to address some of these issues.   She creates a safe and non-judgemental environment and gently asks the right questions so that I was able to unpick and better understand why I was feeling the things I was and to understand them in a different way.

Since I have started working with Kate my understanding and ‘acceptance’ of these feelings has improved as has my levels of confidence and self-respect which was quickly noticed by my friends and colleagues, not just by me!  Kate’s approach is gentle and at the same time firm and focused making sure I was addressing the real issues which were not always what I thought they were.

Most significantly though Kate has helped me to help myself by sharing her experience, expertise and a few super helpful techniques that allow me to stop, reflect, understand and take control when I whenever I need to.”