Caroline A – healing from narcissistic abuse

I’ve been working with Kate for 18 months now healing from narcissistic abuse, and can safely say that I’m more ‘me’ than I’ve ever been. To want to stay in my body and not fly away. Feeling myself as a safe place, for myself and others? Unbelievable to me a year ago. 

 I feel I’ve run rings around CBT therapists in the past (and not consciously either) because I can all-too-easily use words to distract & deflect, to fill time, to keep my security bubble intact. I can see that now that these are skills I’ve learnt to protect myself. I’ve a narcissistic parent so running rings became… important. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known a boundary in a police line-up of boundaries.

 With Kate, I can heal and engage without the ‘what, why, how, where’ of my whole life (a lot of which I just don’t remember), because I can now experience my emotions without the narrative, and experiencing my emotions in a safe environment is the healing.

 As is being able to take my emotional self out into the world and know I (and others) will survive. And then more than survive…

 I’ve clocked up 50 years of dissociation, depression, anxiety, self-sabotage and destruction., Now, with Kate, not only do I experience true kindness, trust, humour, the warmest care & acceptance on a regular basis (I mean, the soul-food in indescribable), but I also come away with tools, actual tools accessible to me every minute, hour, day that I can use to ride through bumps, blocks and emotional tsunamis, and still remain in my skin, in the world.

 My personal agency increases by the day, and new patches of effortless joy can blow me away. Effortless. I mean, I had no idea I could find healing from narcissistic abuse.

 I’m looking forward to the second half of my life knowing I’ve got this. If tomorrow, I meet a trigger then I know what to do to help myself, and I want to do it. That’s where I’m at and that’s huge. Huge.

 Honestly, Kate is just lovely, and so skilled, so kind and whole and true. And I, for one, am incredibly grateful.

 Caroline A

Jeanne Miller Alberts – Hanoi, Vietnam

I first came to Kate with the presenting issue of rage, wreaking havoc on me and my most intimate relationship. Through Emotional Freedom Techniques and other resources Kate led me, like an adroit Sherpa, to the roots and origins of my pain and my healing, of my grief and my joy. I am forever grateful to her as a Master Therapist. Kate held the lantern of insight, intuition, care and humour during our sessions. And provided me with ‘in the moment’ resources and practices that I could use while on my own, which I still do. With Kate’s help I came to a place of emotional richness, rather than emotional distress. My life is more abundant and vibrant now; and my relationships are fuller, mutual and life- affirming. If you are suffering, definitely visit Kate. Restoration and transformation were available to me. And they are to you too.


A Cooper, Maidstone

I had a traumatic birth experience four years ago which coincided with a difficult time in my life involving redundancy, moving house and starting my own business amongst other challenges. I developed PTSD symptoms and felt very depressed, and struggled to get the help I so badly needed. After a number of attempts to get support from my GP and the NHS referral I was able to get a self-referral for EMDR therapy which resolved my acute PTSD symptoms, but three years later I still felt negatively towards this period of my life. I felt that it was holding me back and I had unresolved negative thoughts and feelings.

I was fortunate to meet Kate at a local business networking event. Having searched for three years for specialist help, I was delighted to find her and we connected straightaway. Kate has a natural warmth and I knew straightaway she was offering the help I was looking for.

To be honest, when Kate asked me what I hoped to get out of our sessions together, I felt sceptical that I would achieve my aim of feeling more positive about the difficulties I had encountered. However after just one session I started to feel better, and by the penultimate session I felt like I had completely resolved my issue.

This marked the start of a ripple effect, with other aspects of my life starting to move forward in a more positive way. So the benefits have not just been about resolving the trauma and negativity I felt towards my past birth experience, it has also led me to enjoying positive impact on my life and work in the present, and feeling ready to move towards to a more positive future.

A Hutchins

“I came across Kate by a friend’s recommendation. I was looking for someone who could help me with my PTSD. I had heard about TRE in a book I was reading and how it worked by releasing trauma through the body by shaking.

I found Kate to be very friendly and felt very at ease with her. She totally understood my PTSD symptoms and worked with me through Trauma releasing exercises which were very simple to follow.

At the end of my first appointment with Kate my body released quite a build up of trauma and the most noticeable part for me was that I felt I could breathe normally again, and still can a few months later. My body felt very rested afterwards and this enabled me to have a good night’s sleep, my body felt as if something huge had been lifted away from me.

I visited Kate a few more times, not just for TRE work but also for EFT. Kate has a very gentle approach and I didn’t feel pressured at anytime for having to say anything I didn’t want to.

She worked with me at my pace and we stopped if I needed to. Everything was about ‘me’ and not what suited her. 

Kate has helped me feel a lot better in myself both physically and mentally. I would definitely encourage someone who, like myself,  has been through a lot of trauma in their lives to make an appointment for either TRE work or EFT or both! Kate listens really well to what ‘you’ want to improve on and works with you to overcome the obstacles that you are facing. “


S Murray-Thompson

Absolutely fantastic session with Kate this evening!

It was my first TRE session and I really didn’t know what to expect. I actually had a really strong response and was initially quite startled at the way my body was reacting when I first started shaking but Kate was extremely reassuring and calm and made me feel really safe!

I am now bouncing off the walls with energy and my body feels amazing!


F Whitshead – London

I came to Kate to aid my recovery from a IBD flare.  Working with Kate has helped align my body and mind following an emotional roller-coaster of sorts.

I adore Kate’s warmth and emotional support. Her ability to keep me focused and cut through my mess of emotions is so helpful and reassures me that she is focused on me and my needs.

I am able to better understand where my emotions are triggered and with that calm my mind. This in turn helps me physically to be more centred and relaxed.

I have tried all sorts of things from osteopathic treatment, massage, counselling and Pilates. The energetic healing (coupled with Pilates) has helped me rebuild and continues to strengthen my physical and mental health.


M Smith – Hove

I went to see Kate to get some help to understand why I was experiencing some unhelpful and negative feelings and to explore a particularly difficult part of my past that has been haunting me for some years.

This was not an easy thing to do but Kate helped me to feel immediately at ease and I was really pleased at how quickly we started to address some of these issues.   She creates a safe and non-judgemental environment and gently asks the right questions so that I was able to unpick and better understand why I was feeling the things I was and to understand them in a different way.

Since I have started working with Kate my understanding and ‘acceptance’ of these feelings has improved as has my levels of confidence and self-respect which was quickly noticed by my friends and colleagues, not just by me!  Kate’s approach is gentle and at the same time firm and focused making sure I was addressing the real issues which were not always what I thought they were.

Most significantly though Kate has helped me to help myself by sharing her experience, expertise and a few super helpful techniques that allow me to stop, reflect, understand and take control when I whenever I need to.

M Williams, London

“I’ve been doing TRE with Kate for just over two months now and, already, I am reaping the benefits.  Following traumatic childhood and teenage years, my body had become a wreck and, as an adult I have been suffering from chronic pain and insomnia.  Over the years I have spent a fortune on remedial work such as physio, osteopathy, deep tissue massage etc. and whilst all of these things have helped to keep me moving and feel in less pain, the effects have never lasted very long – sometimes only as little as 24 hours.  Since starting with Kate, I have seen not only a reduction in pain, but also less tension in my body and I feel calmer too.  Nor have I had to visit the physio, osteopath or masseuse.  My sleep has also improved and I feel much more refreshed and better able to be efficient.  I particularly like Kate’s gentle and caring style of running her class.   I feel 100% safe with her – something which, after having suffered much abuse when young, is of prime importance to me and I am simply overjoyed that I have (finally) found something that works for me.  I intend continuing with Kate’s classes as not only are they thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing, I always feel very different at the end of them from when I first entered the room.  If you have ever suffered from trauma, or are generally highly tensed and/or on hyper-alert or just lead a very stressful life, I would highly recommend you see Kate.  My guess is that it won’t take long before you will begin to see improvements in your well-being.  Kate’s classes are also cheaper than a visit to the physio, oesteopath, massage parlour etc!”.  M.Williams, London

TRE Group Session Feedback

 I thoroughly enjoyed the session on Sunday and felt much calmer and slept sooo well. I’ve started to build it into my stretching post-run and have a little shake at the end, ………..I thought you had such a calm and caring approach.
Fiona, K Publisher & Editor

It was an unusual but wonderful experience. I am interested in learning more. I think it will be good for my back.
Ally, S Reflexologist

I had a really good time (at the TRE group) on Sunday and would love to come to the next session……
I slept well Sunday night and had a good day on Monday, felt more energetic and positive and some how accepting and peaceful. Something shifted…….almost as though I am detoxing (on many levels).
Gaby, K Homemaker

Thanks for Sunday, a very interesting day.  I kipped in the evening and woke up about 1ish in the morning.  I knew I wouldn’t sleep so I walked the dogs, cleared the kitchen up, CLEANED THE OVEN! (and that brought me out in a cold sweat!), sorted papers and finally went to bed about 5 in the morning.  It was nice to get up a few hours later and see the results.
This was due to the trembling I felt very free and nothing was too much trouble.  I’ll be finding a wall later on today.

Jacqui C, Carer

J Purvor, Oxford

Kate is a deeply caring and warm character. After she described her work in the field of EFT therapy (‘tapping’) I asked for a trial consultation. Within one hour Kate had not only helped me identify, but also shifted two major blocks I was holding on. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough for overcoming the inevitable emotional stress of modern society. Yoga and meditation are great, Kate’s EFT is better!

K Herbert, London

I am very happy to recommend Kate.  She helped to empower me around a difficult work situation which was really stressing me out. I was feeling very vulnerable when we began to work together but I quickly felt very safe with her; she has the ability to get to the heart of the matter gracefully and confidently. She helped me unlock different angles and reframe my issues.  By the end of our sessions I felt released and also understood more about what what had been blocking me.

E Hawkes, London

I am very happy to recommend Kate.  She helped empower me around a delicate work situation which was really stressing me out.  I was feeling vulnerable when she came to my home to work with me, but I quickly felt very safe with her: she has the ability to get to the heart of the matter gracefully and confidently.  She helped me unlock different angles and by the end of our session I understood more about what was blocking me.  She’s the real deal!  

J Crooks, London

I started Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) a couple of months ago.  The results have been startling and illuminating.  Through the tapping therapy and gentle guidance from Kate I started to unravel what was holding me back.  I am now 63 and some of this went back over 55 years ago.  Quite a revelation … there were tears, laughter, silence, patience, pain and realisation … .  I am now a different person, kinder to myself and others, I’m not an angel but also, I don’t now have devils driving me.  I have the happy acceptance of what you see is what you get and I revel in it.  If there was one benefit I could take from this is that it wasn’t all my fault.

Update 1 year later
I am still continuing to de clutter my home.  The pace has slowed but with the slower pace came a lot more clarity as to why I kept the bits and pieces that turned in clutter.  I realised I had unresolved grieving issues to do with my dad and also fear of the unknown with regards to my disabled son’s future..
I realise that I don’t mind what I do now and will take on new challenges while letting go of the dross and that kept me from moving forward.  I put some Xmas decorations up this year for the first time in years, not loads and loads but just enough to give me pleasure and this was done for me, I felt freer than I had done in years, there was no pressure because of the tapping I found I could breathe and not believe the adverts on the telly that said if you had this the world would be so much better. 
I now say prayers because they comfort me and am not ashamed of saying I have now found a lovely church to worship in and don’t feel I’m being judged for the way I live my life. 
I’m no saint, but  I am learning that the parts of me that were battened down for years through shame were not my fault, and acknowledging this has freed me. 
The tapping has helped greatly.  I mentally as well as physically tap.  Its easy for me now and if there is something that comes along that I am fearful of, I ask myself ‘why’ tap and think it through and try not to run away from the fear.
Like  peeling an onion, there are probably places I haven’t even discovered in my mind, but I’m not frightened only hopeful of resolution.
I found my child voice and I’m not losing it again,.

Darlene S, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Kate is a caring, empathetic and a great therapist. She is personable and approachable and I would certainly recommend her services. If you are in need of a safe space to be held whilst healing Kate is certainly the person to see.