Guidance for Root Chakra  “Muladhara”

Location: Base of the trunk or spine “Foundation or root” connection to The Divine Feminine

Sound: Lam                                Colour: Red                             Element: Earth

Governs: Skeletal structure, spine, sacrum, sense of smell, adrenals and kidneys

Physical Problems: Osteoarthritis, attachment issues, dissociation & grounding 

This Chakra is the closest to Mother Earth and connects with the Divine Feminine. It is our foundation, our sense of smell, how supported we feel and our core survival needs for eating, drinking, water, security, money, work and safety.

Root Chakra supports our sense of being grounded and connected, to survive, to be here in the now, regardless of our history or ancestry.

To be ‘good enough’ or daring to ‘be’. Expressed in its primitive form this energy is violence, judgement, avarice and black and white thinking. When the energy is blocked we are dissociated and un-grounded and often unable to connect with physical reality.

Advice for Root Chakra

Breath in the colour red to this Chakra and make peace with uncertainty Trust that divine mother earth is supporting you.  Opening this Chakra brings confidence in your ability to be physically and mentally stable and fulfil your deepest needs and desires through reliability and hard work.

Affirmation for Root Chakra

“I am reliable, stable and strong. I stand grounded on the earth”