Coming Home To Self Trauma Recovery Retreat Day

Coming Home to Self: A Trauma Recovery Retreat Day Introducing a unique integrative therapy intensive workshop for mind, body and spirit, based on leading-edge mental health and energy psychology techniques. If there is one simple statement that can be made about traumatic events, it is that the repercussions have harsh staying power. The cells, synapses … Continue reading Coming Home To Self Trauma Recovery Retreat Day

TRE Aftercare

When you begin your TRE journey, we recommend doing 10 minutes of shaking, about three times a week.

What is ‘soft’ trauma?

Soft trauma or small 't' trauma can effect us all. Getting out of our heads and into our body using TRE or shaking can help

A link between birth trauma and Post Natal Depression PND?

A new study by the University of Kent into the causes of Post Natal Depression has found that women who experience birth complications are 174% more likely to suffer from PND. Approximately 50% of women in the UK experience 'red flag' experiences during childbirth and these can often be deeply traumatic and overwhelming. As a … Continue reading A link between birth trauma and Post Natal Depression PND?

What is trauma?

Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) symptoms are caused by the mind trying to make sense of the story when the body/mind system was overwhelmed. Trauma might be caused by a specific event like a car crash, or by many smaller events eventually building up and overloading the system - such as abuse or continued … Continue reading What is trauma?

The Hidden Cost of Birth Trauma

What is the hidden cost of birth trauma? Many women experience frightening and life-threatening experiences giving birth often coupled with a lack of emotional support or any dignity. As one traumatised client told me “No one prepared me that childbirth could be a ‘proper’ trauma”. Let’s face it – who has the time to prepare … Continue reading The Hidden Cost of Birth Trauma

Post Traumatic Stress after childbirth

Three of the key symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress after Childbirth Re-experiencing the event Physical sensations - pain, nausea, sweating Nightmares Flashbacks - involuntarily and vividly re-living what happened during the birth Repetitive and upsetting images or sensations Constant negative thoughts, self questioning, guilt and shame 'why didn't I take more control?' "My body has … Continue reading Post Traumatic Stress after childbirth