I thoroughly enjoyed the session on Sunday and felt much calmer and slept sooo well. I’ve started to build it into my stretching post-run and have a little shake at the end, ………..I thought you had such a calm and caring approach.
Fiona, K Publisher & Editor

It was an unusual but wonderful experience. I am interested in learning more. I think it will be good for my back.
Ally, S Reflexologist

I had a really good time (at the TRE group) on Sunday and would love to come to the next session……
I slept well Sunday night and had a good day on Monday, felt more energetic and positive and some how accepting and peaceful. Something shifted…….almost as though I am detoxing (on many levels).
Gaby, K Homemaker

Thanks for Sunday, a very interesting day.  I kipped in the evening and woke up about 1ish in the morning.  I knew I wouldn’t sleep so I walked the dogs, cleared the kitchen up, CLEANED THE OVEN! (and that brought me out in a cold sweat!), sorted papers and finally went to bed about 5 in the morning.  It was nice to get up a few hours later and see the results.
This was due to the trembling I felt very free and nothing was too much trouble.  I’ll be finding a wall later on today.

Jacqui C, Carer

Kate is a trauma and embodiment specialist. She is a TRE & EFT Supervising Mentor and is on the Executive Board of EFT International (formerly AAMET) and is a Comprehensive Energy Psychology Practitioner, DipPsych, Master Hypnotist, Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy (accredited by the ABNLP) and has been an intuitive body & energy worker for 30 years. While she works with any problem state she specialises in the sensitive areas of Post Traumatic Stress, emotional abuse, chronic pain and anxiety.