I can help you understand the toxic nature of trauma so that you are no longer hijacked by the past. I will help you to recognise and repair Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) symptoms and find a pathway to heal from hidden emotional abuse.  I can teach you proven, effective self-care techniques to empower you to move forward into a new life with strength, vitality and emotional freedom.

TRE Trauma Release Exercises

Trauma Release Exercises are a way of restoring the body and mind without having to talk about or re-experience the original trauma. It reaches the parts that talking therapy cannot. Many clients find this incredibly empowering, as, once safely learned, they can continue to use TRE at home. The process can feel very relaxing and is often fun to experience. For many it is a wonderful voyage of discovery as different parts of the body start to ‘wake up’ and feel safe again.


EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is a simple, gentle therapeutic process which has shown itself to be incredibly effective for the past 30 years. It can be used at a deep level as a sophisticated therapy tool with a skilled practitioner, however the great beauty of EFT is that clients can learn it to use as a self help tool in-between sessions. 

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology (EP) is an umbrella term for a group of techniques which involve muscle testing (similar to Kinesiology) whilst accessing the body/mind’s subtle energy systems. It is often rapid and effective where nothing else is, whilst being gentle and non-invasive.

Energy Psychology can provide clients with an efficient way to deactivate overwhelming stress responses such as anger, anxiety, and sadness which are associated with disturbing thoughts and memories.


Picture Tapping is a useful therapeutic intervention which is a fusion of Art Therapy and EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques It can bring impressive resolution for hard to identify or long standing emotional issues or addictions. Sometimes a picture is what is needed to express so much more than words.