2023 Workshops & Trainings

TRE Module 1 Training – Developing Personal Practice £220


Monthly Online Advanced TRE® Classes

I run an advanced TRE® Classes online on Monday evenings 7-8.30pm £14. Students or clients who have learnedTRE® individually with a TRE® Provider and has a regular practice is very welcome to attend.

***If you are new to TRE or have a complex trauma history please contact me at info@katemunden.com to organise a 1:1 before coming to online classes***

Monday 9th January book HERE

Monday 6th February book HERE

Monday 6th March book HERE

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Monday 4th Dec book HERE

If you are new to TRE you can experience the process and find your therapeutic tremor mechanism in an individual session. Now available online.

Speaking Events

The ACEP Conference, 1-5 June,Baltimore USA

I will be presenting ideas and techniques from energy psychology techniques for use with Takutsobo (Broken Heart) Syndrome

The Kent Wellness Festival, 10-11 June Detling Showground, Kent

I will be hosting classes on both days and available on my stand – delighted to be back in person. Come and meet me for an informal chat and join my classes:

TRE® Trauma Release Exercises, EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques,

Heart Assisted Therapy