Trauma Release Excercises


What is the Trauma Release Excercise process?

Trauma Release Exercises (or TRE tremors) are a simple and easy to learn self help tool to calm the nervous system. The process of physical and psychological transformation using TRE can achieve is often astonishing and life changing.

TRE – Tension and Trauma Release

You may have heard the phrase ‘the issues are in the tissues’ and often we find that our bodies have ‘frozen’ with pain or become locked down with uncomfortable tension that we find difficult to release. This is where the trauma release exercises can help as they guide us to return to our natural state of balance.

Developed by Dr David Berceli, Tension &Trauma Release Exercises is a physical technique which can help the body let go of deeply held, negative patterns by accessing our natural tremor mechanism.  The TRE tremors tap into the body’s ‘internal release tool’ to discharge tension and trauma held in the tissues.


Once you have safely learned how to access your tremor you can let your body do its own healing and gently disperse stress and tension.

Often to fully move on from traumatic events, we need to work with the whole body/mind system and include our physiology in the process to help reset over active reflexes in the nervous system.

By reducing the trigger neurophysiology that is stuck in patterns of fight, flight, freeze and flop we can reduce feelings of anger, fear, being stuck and ‘zoning out’. These patterns can also manifest as insomnia, hyper-vigilance, anxiety, panic attacks, IBS and migraine. Or simply feeling tired, anxious or scared all the time.

Trauma Release Exercises help us to increase our ‘window of tolerance’ on the world in a simple and empowering way. Using this simple technique is a way of ‘you healing you’.

I am privileged to have trained with Dr Berceli and now Supervise Trainee TRE Practitioners alongside offering regular workshops and 1:1 coaching. I have found TRE to be life changing, both for myself, and for my clients.  I sincerely hope you will too.

TRE with Kate is currently available in London, Kent and Sussex. Once you have learned the TRE techniques they become and excellent method of self-help too!

“I came across Kate by a friend’s recommendation. I was looking for someone who could help me with my PTSD. I had heard about TRE in a book I was reading and how it worked by releasing trauma through the body by shaking.

I found Kate to be very friendly and felt very at ease with her. She totally understood my PTSD symptoms and worked with me through Trauma releasing exercises which were very simple to follow.

At the end of my first appointment with Kate my body released quite a build up of trauma and the most noticeable part for me was that I felt I could breathe normally again, and still can a few months later. My body felt very rested afterwards and this enabled me to have a good night’s sleep, my body felt as if something huge had been lifted away from me.


A Hutchins

About Kate

Kate is a qualified TRE Mentor, Advanced Accredited EFT, Communications Director AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Techniques) and member of ACEP (Association of Energy Psychology). Master Hypnotist, Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy (accredited by the ABNLP) Energy Psychology Practitioner, touch therapist for over 25 years. While she works with any problem state she specialises in the sensitive areas of Post Traumatic Stress (specifically birth trauma and emotional abuse), chronic pain and anxiety.

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TRE Aftercare

TRE Aftercare

When you begin your TRE journey, we recommend doing 10 minutes of shaking, about three times a week.