What is TRE®?

A Simple Stress Management Tool
Easy To Learn
A way to calm the Nervous System
Natural, effective pathway for self-care

What are the Trauma Release Exercises?

The Trauma Release Exercises process (or finding your TRE® tremors) is a series of simple exercises that help the body to release deep patterns of trauma, stress and tension, by accessing your neurogenic tremors.

74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year (2022) they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. TRE can help us release stress.

TRE sessions and training are now available in the UK and the process of physical and psychological stress reduction that can occur with a regular TRE practice is often astonishing and life-changing.

Are the Trauma Release Exercises safe?

Yes, they are. When we teach TRE® we begin by showing new learners how to regulate and slow down. We recommend that you learn TRE® from a qualified TRE® Provider who is accredited by TRE for All.

TRE® is natural and organic and often reaches the inner parts of us that traditional anxiety therapies cannot connect with.

TRE® is self-healing using the body as the “doorway” to access good physical and mental health.

I can forgive myself for shaking now – and know that this is a normal process, I feel more in touch with my body.

Learn Accredited TRE® in the UK – Tension and Trauma Release Training in person & online

Appointments are available in person at London Harley Street, Kent and Online.

10 Harley street W1G 9PG

Nearest Tube: Bond St/Regent St

How do the TRE® Trauma Release Exercises work?

YOU may have heard the phrase ‘the issues are in the tissues’ and often we find that our bodies have ‘frozen’ with pain or become locked down with uncomfortable tension that we find difficult to release.

Many of us live in this state for years with no relief.

This is where the TRE® process can help as it guides us to return to our natural state of balance.

Developed by Dr David Berceli, Tension &Trauma Release Exercises is a physical technique which can help the body let go of deeply held, negative patterns by accessing our natural tremor mechanism.

The TRE® tremors tap into the body’s ‘internal release tool’ to discharge tension and trauma held in the tissues.

Once you have safely learned how to access your tremor you can let your body do its own healing and gently disperse stress and tension.

In the UK 32% of people use standard exercise techniques to overcome stress and 54% of people who are stressed worry about the impact it is having on their health

Often, to fully move on from traumatic events, we need to work with the whole body/mind system and include our physiology in the process. TRE helps us to reset over active reflexes in the nervous system.

 We can get stuck in patterns of fight, flight, freeze and flop which produce feelings of anger, fear, being stuck and ‘zoning out’.

These chronic patterns can also manifest as:





Panic attacks

IBS/digestive issues



Or simply feeling tired, anxious or scared all the time

Trauma Release Exercises help us to increase our ‘window of tolerance’ on the world in a simple and empowering way.

Using this simple technique is a way of ‘you healing you’.

I have found TRE® to be life changing, both for myself, and for my clients. 

I sincerely hope you will too. If you have a complex trauma story I recommend that you learn TRE with the support of an experienced TRE Provider.

I offer individual TRE®sessions and accredited in-person TRE® Training in the UK.

TRE® is a doorway to better health and relief from stress that is accessible to all bodies and ages.

Absolutely fantastic session with Kate this evening! It was my first TRE session and I really didn’t know what to expect. I actually had a really strong response and was initially quite startled at the way my body was reacting when I first started shaking but Kate was extremely reassuring and calm and made me feel really safe! I am now bouncing off the walls with energy and my body feels amazing!
Sarah Murray Thompson

I attended Kate’s polyvagal theory workshop. I knew the very basics before, but as I’m training in TRE I wanted to understand it in a lot more depth. The training totally fulfilled this – it was very interesting and being in a group prompted great discussions. It was also very relaxed and I felt able to ask questions as I needed to I would certainly recommend Kate’s workshop for anyone who wants to understand Polyvagal theory in more depth Thank you Kate
Tina Hare

TRE with Kate is currently available in Kent, online and at London Harley Street.

You can learn TRE online. It can become an excellent method of self-help for life

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