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Find Clarity in Motion

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‘Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this work.

Getting the human body to tremor through the use of these exercises is easy. Knowing how to facilitate the speed, direction and integration of this tremoring process requires substantial care and caution’

Dr David Berceli

Lime Tree Workshop Sevenoaks, UK Training Dates 2024:



Module 1 in-person Training 16/17 November 2024

Embodied Mastery

Online Supervision Groups

9-11am 30th Nov 2024 and 11 Jan 2025

Module 2 in-person Training 8/9 March 25

Polyvagal Pathways

Online Supervision Groups

9-11am 26 April and 10 May 2025

Module 3 in-person Training 14/15 June 25

Global Resonance

Online Supervision Groups

9-11am 5 July and 20th Sept 2025

Completing Module 1 of the TRE Training Programme was, quite simply, astonishing. Having lived for years and years in a high state of anxiety and stress, my nervous system was stuck in ‘I’m under attack mode’ and as such, my mind couldn’t function effectively. My life was so limited by the dissociative state that I was living in. I couldn’t make decisions, I was numb, I wasn’t living – just existing day to day. I felt hopeless and sad all the time. 

After just one TRE shaking session, the change in me was unbelievable. It was as if I could feel the tension leaving my body – to be replaced by the most delicious sense of calm. As an intravenous injection travels all around your system – this too could be felt slowly replacing the cortisol that had been dominant for so long.

Afterwards – as well as the feeling of physical calm – I also had such clarity of thought. This was something I hadn’t had for as long as I can remember – it was as if the inner calm in my body and regulation of my nervous system had allowed my mind the peace it needed to function as it should. 

The most wonderful, life-changing experience which must be felt to be believed.

S Roe


Below you can find the certification requirements to become a Globally Certified TRE® Provider and practice worldwide. 

You are required to complete the elements below to become certified.

The goal of the TRE® training is that every TRE® Certified Provider will be able to safely lead individuals/groups through the TRE® process

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  • Three 2-day in-person Modules of TRE® theory and practice. Modules are approx 4 months apart
  • 9 Online 2 Hour Supervision Groups (Two after Module 1, three after Module 2, two after Module 3)
  • Attend Online TRE Classes x 8
  • 4 Supervision hours practicing TRE® yourself, being mentored by your Trainer (or TRE® Mentor) 
  • 40 x Journaling of personal TRE® experiences
  • 20 Journals to be completed by Module 2
  • 20 Journals to be completed by Module 3
  • 4 Peer swap sessions & written review (can be via Zoom)
  • 4 x Teaching an individual TRE® recorded & written reflections. Two Supervision with your Mentor 1:1, two sessions group reflection
  • 1 Case study teaching an individual at least 4 times, recorded, written report, specific Group Supervision for case studies
  • 4 x Teaching TRE® to a group recorded & written reviews. Two Supervision with your Mentor, two sessions group reflection.
  • Required reading, Video viewing and submitting of a short written report on each.
  • 1 final evaluation session with your TRE® Trainer
  • Students are expected to complete within 12 Months
  • After 12 months students will be required to repeat modules plus bundles of 4 Hours of supervision to complete where required
  • In extenuating circumstances (e.g.pregnancy) this can be extended.


Enrolment to TREforall® in the Certification Enrolment Website (requires a small enrolment fee)

At any point in the process, your Trainer/Mentor may require additional sessions to ensure the required competency is gained. This will often depend on prior experience/skill set.

My sleep, flexibility and self-regulation are all the better for Kate’s TRE Module 1 Training.

Kate was recommended to me by a new homoeopathy client and I had heard many positives about TRE from a yoga colleague who had trained and I was interested to find out more.  After decades of frustration, my client had experienced profound changes in her eczema condition and in her nervous system after just a few TRE treatments with Kate.

I could see the potential for healing from TRE as a movement therapy that I was keen to experience for myself, and with a view that it would complement my work as a yoga teacher and neurodevelopmental therapist.   

On meeting Kate she brought about hugely transformative changes for me too on an emotional and physical level. 

I was especially appreciative of the new range of movement in my shoulder and hip.  I hadn’t realised the extent I was still holding in these areas from long-standing injuries over challenging times.  

I have gone on to train with Kate because she has both an extensive understanding of the scientific research behind TRE and her unique way of holding a space for you, just where you’re at, whether you’re in a one to one session or a group.  

Kate’s teaching is fun, informative and full of memorable presentations interspersed with deeply grounding TRE experiences. 

Kate brings you back to the interconnectedness and wisdom in nature and in you.

Susie Gorringe

Homeopath, Neurodevelopmental practitioner and Yoga Teacher.

TRE® Shaking Training Certified Providers are recognised by TRE® Global

to teach the tremoring process anywhere in the world

The TRE® Certification training program allows individuals who come from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds to learn to teach TRE® safely and effectively

The training prepares the Provider to support others and answer their questions about the neurophysiology of tremors

This is not therapy training but how to work somatically. You will learn how to safely teach TRE® to others

*For the Provider to do this safely we specify that they must have a regular TRE® practice*

Early Bird TOTAL INVESTMENT is £3225  (Supervision fee plus Workshop fees), payable in instalments, details below:

Supervision Fees


Paid in 3 instalments:

£750 after Module 1

£750 before Module 2

£750 before Module 3

Or £2600

14 instalments:

14 months of £186

after Module 1

Workshops Fees:

2 Day Module 1, 2 & 3

£325 Early Bird (one month in advance)

£350 If booked within one month of starting

£250 If repeating a workshop

3 Day Module 1 & 2

£450 Early Bird (one month in advance)

£499 If booked within one month of starting

£350 If repeating a workshop

A pair of headphones

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel after paying the full Module fee, due 4 weeks before, there is no refund. However, the fees can be transferred to the following year.  

For Certification, for the first payment, you have 4 days from receipt of payment and for later instalments, you have 48 hours to change your mind. After that, the fees are no longer refundable.  Fees that have not yet been paid will not need to be paid.

Everyone on the course reacted differently and Kate was incredibly empathetic in how she supported each person, without being intrusive.
I was worried about people watching the ‘shaking’ but everyone is so caught up in their own experience that I did not once feel self-conscious. I found it absolutely fascinating to learn about the body’s natural shaking reflex and how modern human societies have repressed this way of releasing adrenaline, leading to chronic stress held in the body. It was amazing how the body started off tentatively but then began to ‘re-learn’ how to shake. 
After each shaking session, I felt so refreshed and calm.
I have been on a lifelong journey to recover from childhood trauma (CPTSD) and came across TRE whilst researching body based and neuroscience based trauma healing approaches. I have spent a lot of time in talking therapies over the years and gained essential insights, but some issues remain stubborn and hard to shift. Bessel Van Der Kolk’s book – ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ really opened my eyes to the way trauma is held in the body, so when I read about TRE I was intrigued to try it. 
The refreshing thing about TRE is that you do not need to talk about your traumas – you just let your body discharge tensions as it needs to.
My next step is to develop a regular practice that I can easily fit into my life as I am convinced of the cumulative benefits of TRE, having experienced these and heard the stories of others!!
TRE Training with Kate, Feedback

About Kate

Kate is a trauma and emotional abuse specialist. She is a Global TRE® Certification Trainer & Mentor and current Chair of the TRE UK Association. She is a EFT Trainer & Advanced Accredited Practitioner, having served as Exec Director EFT International for 6 years and is a member of ACEP.

She is also an accredited SSP Provider, and an Integrated Psychology Practitioner and body worker with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Kate is privileged to have trained with Dr David Berceli (the creator of TRE®) and now teaches and Mentors TRE students alongside offering regular trainings, workshops and 1:1 TRE® consultations and embodiment coaching.

While she works with any problem state she specialises in the sensitive areas of Post Traumatic Stress PTS (specifically narcissistic emotional abuse), chronic pain and anxiety.

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