The human body often holds deep patterns of tension and stress so that our system is like a fizzed up coke bottle.

Ripping the top off the bottle might not be a good idea.

Trying to shake out all your stress in one session is unlikely to work and may overwhelm your nervous system which could be uncomfortable.

TRE is a lifetime journey.

Our bodies need gentle care and time to process our tremors. Everyone is different and will react differently to shaking. Some clients prefer to shake for longer and others will find a short two minute tremor is enough, until they get used to the process

When you begin your TRE journey, we recommend doing 10 minutes of shaking, about three times a week.

Give your body plenty of time (TRE Aftercare) each session to integrate and process the tremors, and keep a short note of how your body and emotions feel each time. This will help you put into perspective the profound shifts which often happen.

I suggest creating a safe place at home where you feel comfortable and you won’t be disturbed. For example in the bedroom, by your bed on a nice comfortable rug with lots of pillows and blankets to hand.

Remember you are in control of your process and can rest in the butterfly position at any time. Do this a few time to practice coming in and out of the process and be curious each time you shake about what your body needs to express.

It is usual to feel tired or to have a bit of muscle ache after tremoring

A bath with Epsom Salts and allowing yourself to rest and sleep for longer can help this.

Remember that TRE and TRE Aftercare is a marathon not a sprint and give yourself the gift of gently unwinding naturally with plenty of soft integration.

Happy shaking!

Kate is a trauma and embodiment specialist. She is a TRE & EFT Supervising Mentor and is on the Executive Board of EFT International (formerly AAMET) and is a Comprehensive Energy Psychology Practitioner, DipPsych, Master Hypnotist, Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy (accredited by the ABNLP) and has been an intuitive body & energy worker for 30 years. While she works with any problem state she specialises in the sensitive areas of Post Traumatic Stress, emotional abuse, chronic pain and anxiety.