Integrated Energy Psychology

Life force energy is a vital, living moving strength that determines much about our health and happiness. Energy Psychology (EP) is a cutting edge, and truly remarkable discovery that blends ancient learning and modern psychological concepts for health and well-being.

A modern way to describe it might be Integrated Energy Psychology.

Integrated Energy Psychology builds on growing scientific knowledge (and body of scientific evidence) of the human bio-energy system, and our neurophysiology.

It is a unique approach to easing psychological and physical distress. In Integrated Energy Psychology, life force energy is our medicine and it is also the patient.

In simple terms, when your energy and neurophysiology are balanced and run clear, your emotional distress can often disappear.

“I came to work with Kate to aid my recovery from an IBD flare. Kate has helped align my body and mind following an emotional rollercoaster of sorts. I adore Kate’s warmth and emotional support. Her ability to keep me focused and cut through my mess of emotions is so helpful and reassures me that she is focused on me and my needs.”

“I am now able to better understand where my emotions are triggered and, with that realisation, calm my mind. This in turn helps me physically to be more centred and relaxed. I have tried all sorts of things from osteopathic treatment, massage, counselling and Pilates. The energetic healing with Kate has helped me rebuild and continues to strengthen my physical and mental health.” 

F. Whitshead

Most of us are probably aware that chemical imbalances are often involved in psychological issues such as depression or anxiety.

There is mounting evidence that the body’s energy systems and neurophysiology also participate in emotional disturbances and that energy interventions allow brain chemistry to shift enough to overcome many psychological issues.

Integrated Energy Psychology (EP) is rapid and effective whilst being gentle and non-invasive.

EP can provide an efficient way to deactivate the stress responses associated with disturbing thoughts and memories and pair them with calmer emotional states.

We can learn to let go of anger, shame and despair and move towards comfort, strength and peace.


This is a new approach to therapy that dramatically reduces emotional distress and restores harmony by clearing the flow of the body’s electromagnetic energy system.

The energy systems are a major system of the body (just as the skeletal, nervous and endocrine systems) and have been virtually ignored until recently in western medicine models as a psychological intervention.

When disturbed the energy systems start a domino effect throughout the mind-body-spirit.

Energy Psychology combines cognitive interventions e.g. imaginal exposure to traumatic memories (bringing the memory to mind) with interventions (tapping on meridians and/or touch & breath) to re-balance components of the human bio-energy system (meridians, chakras and biofield and also the vagus nerve).

It is simple, gentle and can be very effective when used with a skilled practitioner.

Some effective and widely used Energy Psychology techniques are: EFT Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques, Thought Field Therapy TFT, Heart Assisted Therapy HAT, Ask & Receive, HBLU and Touch and Breath.

Rapid Change 

These cognitive interventions can then bring about rapid, positive change and optimal psychotherapeutic outcomes e.g. we can extinguish negative emotions (anger, shame, sadness, guilt etc) associated with thoughts or memories or help in the attainment of performance goals.

For example, if you were always frightened of public speaking because as a child you were ridiculed for a school performance, we can focus on processing and integrating the emotional disturbance of that memory.  This then becomes only a story from the past, rather than an upsetting and triggering event that brings up uncomfortable feelings that stop you from being confident to speak in public.

These kind of childhood events are common for most of us. When we are children these core events seem huge and overwhelming, and are often ‘hidden’ by our unconscious mind in order to keep us functioning and feeling safe.

Psychological or physical problems can have their beginnings and solutions in the energy systems. It is the subtle energy flow that provides the basic nutrients of the whole mind-body-spirit continuum. We can help the body by activating its natural healing energies and also by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance.

Energy Psychology is also very compatible with other psychological approaches and can complement traditional medical care. However, it can also be a complete and easy system of self-care

These techniques also teach you how to work with your own energy and evaluate and balance many of the subtle energy systems within. Within one Energy Psychology consultation, we can both learn about ourselves, what is holding us back and also improve our health.

Our incredible bodies will naturally heal themselves when provided with the right assistance.

Sometimes it may be necessary to have an expert to guide the process, but it may not always be essential.

It is also important to note that the results will grow and strengthen if you use the techniques between sessions. Similar to working out at the gym, it takes more than one session to build muscles and an expert trainer can help you get the best results in the least time. 

I use Energy Psychology techniques every day.  They can be self-applied when you are boiling the kettle or waiting for a train!